The theory of relativity can explain many secrets of the universe, however the mother's love is not relative, it is absolute.
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  • Motherhood teaches unconditional love.
  • A mother is the most precious person in the world; the strength that helps us when there is nothing more, the shoulder that we cry on when it's all over.
  • Mothers are the great Angels of our lives, whom we trust our hearts and gratitude.
  • Mother ... You always took care of me, always prayed for me, but always said yes with all the love and affection.

I wanted to say that you are my WORLD!
  • Happy Father's Day to the person who has always been by my side, loving and caring for me: My Mother!
  • With you I learned to be a woman, daughter and mother and I couldn't have had a better example.

I love you, my mom.
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  • A teoria da relatividade pode explicar muitos segredos do universo, no entanto o amor de mãe não é relativo, é absoluto.
  • La teoría de la relatividad puede explicar muchos secretos del universo, sin embargo el amor de la madre no es relativo, es absoluto.
  • La théorie de la relativité peut expliquer de nombreux secrets de l'univers, cependant l'amour de la mère n'est pas relatif, il est absolu.


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