Mother ... You always took care of me, always prayed for me, but always said yes with all the love and affection. I wanted to say that you are my WORLD!
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  • You are my greatest example of peace, affection and affection.
I love you!
  • Mother, I may not demonstrate correctly, but know that I love you more than my own life.
  • Mother of life or Mother of belly.
Mother forever or Chosen Mother.
Types change but love doesn't.
  • My love, admiration and respect are all yours, because you are the best mother and a true warrior
  • Not all the words in the world could define your qualities, mother.
  • Mother is joy, love, trust and warmth.
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  • Mãe... Você sempre cuidou de mim, sempre orou por mim, smpre disse que sim com todo o amor e carinho.

Eu queria dizer que você é o meu MUNDO!
  • Madre ... Tú siempre me cuidaste, siempre rezaste por mí, pero siempre dijiste que sí con todo el amor y cariño.

¡Quería decirte que eres mi MUNDO!
  • Mère ... Tu as toujours pris soin de moi, toujours prié pour moi, mais toujours dit oui avec tout l'amour et l'affection.

Je voulais dire que tu es mon MONDE!


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