The problems happen so that you can even earn the merit and the joy of having known how to persevere.
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  • The eternal mistake is to take libertinism for freedom.
  • A dream turned into reality is another dream.
  • True intimacy is that which allows us to dream together with different dreams.
  • Love is the only dream that cannot be dreamed of.
  • You have to live to dream and not dream to live.
  • Sunlit ?,guided by the moon?
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  • Os problemas acontecem para que você inclusive possa conquistar o mérito e a alegria de ter sabido perseverar.
  • Los problemas pasan para que hasta puedas ganarte el mérito y la alegría de haber sabido perseverar.
  • Les problèmes arrivent pour que vous puissiez même gagner le mérite et la joie d'avoir su persévérer.


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