Image with the quote: In fact, a certain pensive sadness is a happy state.
In fact, a certain pensive sadness is a happy state.
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  • What my mouth doesn't say ...
My face reveals
  • It is necessary to disseminate good practices. so that people can get inspired by them.
  • At some point, you just don’t need anymore motivational speeches, inspirational quotes or clever sayings. You just need silence and work ethic!
  • Do not negative and toxic people rent space in you head. Raise the rent and kick them out.
  • I am optimistic. It doesn't make much sense to be anything else.
  • A question sometimes leaves me perplexed: is it me, or the others who are crazy?
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  • Live the story you want to tell.
  • Smile without a camera, talk without a cell phone, help without an audience, love without conditions.
  • Happiness is a candle without a wick.
  • Happiness is to love, much more than to be loved.
  • Be happy, that is the secret of happiness!
  • Never let your happiness depend on others. Nobody would stop being happy for you.
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  • Na verdade, uma certa tristeza pensativa é um estado de felicidade.
  • De hecho, una cierta tristeza pensativa es un estado feliz.
  • Par le fait, certaine tristesse songeuse est un état heureux.
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