Image with the quote: A liar should have a good memory.
A liar should have a good memory.
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  • Among all the possible lives, you have to choose one to anchor yourself to in order to be able to contemplate, serenely, all the others.
  • The more light you become, the less shade you see.
  • The more often a stupidity is repeated, the more it gets the appearance of wisdom.
  • It is necessary to disseminate good practices. so that people can get inspired by them.
  • If you are brave to say "good bye", life will reward you with a new "Hello" (Paulo Coelho)
  • Why bother with lies if you know your truth?
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  • Um mentiroso deve ter boa memória.
  • Un mentiroso debe tener buena memoria.
  • Il faut bonne mémoire après au’on a menti.
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