Don't complain about life, raise your head. Bad days are necessary for good days to be worthwhile. Good Morning.
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  • Today steal a smile from someone special and spread joy with the important people in your life. Good Morning!
  • The sun is always radiant, but for you it is special today it will be even brighter.
  • Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
  • Dear God, I'm alive, I woke up one more day and I'm healthy, thanks!
  • It doesn't matter the color of the sky. You make the day beautiful.
  • The real wisdom is in enjoying the day since it starts.

Good Morning!
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  • Não reclame da vida, levante a cabeça. Dias ruins são necessários para os dias bons valerem a pena.

Bom dia.
  • No te quejes de la vida, levanta la cabeza. Los días malos son necesarios para que los días buenos valgan la pena.

Buen día.
  • Ne vous plaignez pas de la vie, levez la tête. Les mauvais jours sont nécessaires pour que les bons jours en valent la peine.



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