With the right attitude everything is easier, so forget what has passed, accept what you cannot change and fight for your dreams.
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  • There are no gray days for those who dream in color.
  • The dream is stronger than the experience.
  • Luck varies over the course of life. The dream varies during the night. 

(Tibetan proverb)
  • There are long-term hopes that need a big dream to continue to survive.
  • The more vague a hope, the better and the longer it sustains.
  • The universe always helps us fight for our dreams, however silly they may seem. Because these are our dreams, and only we know how much it cost us to dream them.
(Paulo Coelho)
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  • Com a atitude certa tudo é mais fácil, por isso esqueça o que já passou, aceite o que não pode mudar e lute por seus sonhos.
  • Con la actitud correcta todo es más fácil, así que olvida lo pasado, acepta lo que no puedes cambiar y lucha por tus sueños.
  • Avec la bonne attitude, tout est plus facile, alors oubliez ce qui s'est passé, acceptez ce que vous ne pouvez pas changer et battez-vous pour vos rêves.


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