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Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
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    Random phrase generator

    Want to make a post or tweet but are out of ideas? arrived at the right place. At mil-frases we created the random phrase generator so that it is easy to generate a phrase at random and always have good results.


    To have a good post it is necessary that it has good content, sometimes a simple sentence is not enough but it already greatly enriches your status, add a good photo of you and some well chosen tags to be more successful.

    How to use the phrase builder?

    When entering this page you will have an automatically generated phrase waiting for you, but if you prefer to try your luck again, just click on the button and a new sentence will come to you, you can click as many times as you want and you'll always have a new sentence, our database is full of them 😊.


    The mil frases is a website with many phrases and quotes divided by several themes and authors that you can share to facebook or whatsapp.