Don't put limits on your dreams, put faith.

Traducción: Ne mettez pas de limites à vos rêves, ayez confiance.

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  • There are no gray days for those who dream in color.
  • The dream is stronger than the experience.
  • Luck varies over the course of life. The dream varies during the night. 

(Tibetan proverb)
  • There are long-term hopes that need a big dream to continue to survive.
  • The more vague a hope, the better and the longer it sustains.
  • The universe always helps us fight for our dreams, however silly they may seem. Because these are our dreams, and only we know how much it cost us to dream them.
(Paulo Coelho)
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  • Sometimes things take time, but they happen. The important thing is to know how to wait and not lose faith!
  • Do not be afraid of change. Good things are gone, so that better may come
  • Dear God, I'm alive, I woke up one more day and I'm healthy, thanks!
  • May the greatness of the Lord equip us with strength, may our faith in him encourage us and may this sweet hope in us guide us in any and all decisions.

Good Morning
  • Plant your best every day, be peace in people's lives, spread LOVE and do good. God is pleased with a pure heart, willing to fight for his dreams without wanting to harm anyone.
Good Morning!
  • Cover yourself with prayer, be filled with gratitude and start over ...
Whatever blessing is in your life, God will deliver you, and what is not, He will deliver you.

Good Morning!
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  • Não coloque limites em seus sonhos, coloque fé.
  • No pongas límites a tus sueños, pon fe.
  • Ne mettez pas de limites à vos rêves, ayez confiance.


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